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Our postpartum depression treatment center was founded to act as a lifeline for new mothers suffering from the symptoms of postpartum depression. We provide needed assistance to pregnant women and new mothers in a nonjudgmental, nurturing, safe space.

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Specializing in Perinatal Treatment

Postpartum depression can feel overwhelming. Everyone acts like you should be over the moon with your new bundle of joy, but all you feel is crushing sorrow, compounded by guilt for your inability to be happy. Understand that you are not alone. These feelings are common, and help is available at our postpartum depression treatment center.

The team at Serenity Wellness and Recovery is dedicated to providing the best in postpartum depression treatment for new mothers. We limit our practice to treating only perinatal issues, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and trauma. We use dialectical and cognitive-behavioral therapies to teach coping skills and trusted methods of regulating emotions to improve mood and relationships.

We often combine these therapies with medications to help rebalance your body’s levels of serotonin and other brain chemicals, which may be impacted by pregnancy and childbirth.

Our therapists specialize in prenatal and postpartum mental health treatment

Resources and specialized care are available for you. You can be well again.
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Oftentimes when women become mothers, they lose themselves in the process. They feel invisible, unimportant, merely a vehicle for sustaining the life they just brought into the world. Worse, they feel unsure of their ability to properly care for this life, which can deepen the severity of the situation. During this time, the new mother may be isolated as well, left at home alone with her infant for many hours every day. Feelings of loneliness and desperation at these times are completely normal and expected.

The trained therapists at our postpartum depression recovery center want to help you feel like your old self again. You don’t have to face this difficult time alone. Call us today and start the healing process.