If you identify with a few of the bullets below then we will be a great fit for you:

  • Looking for a program that is flexible around your schedule
  • Attended multiple programs but still haven’t gotten fully clean
  • Open to addressing both addiction symptoms and mental health
  • Looking for support beyond the end of the program through continued alumni support

Before any client enters into a drug rehab or treatment center for drug addiction, they will need to complete the standardized initial assessment. The assessment will help determine the level of care that can best meet the client’s needs. The five dimensions in the assessment are the following:

  1. Tolerance (need more of the drug to get same results)
  2. Withdrawal (stopping use will cause physical and physiological response)
  3. Drug Seeking Behaviors (regular drug seeking and other important commitments neglected)
  4. Inability to Regulate Use (using more than what was intended)
  5. Continued Use Despite Consequences

We are committed to help finding appropriate solutions for our clients. If our clients need a higher level of care, then we promise to go beyond and find the best program for them. We also understand circumstances around cost of care. We want to match our clients with the best level of treatment at a price that won’t put additional stress on the client or the family so our client can focus on healing rather than cost.